Kung-fu Wushu: A very complete course, adaptable for participants of all skill levels, and very efficient on both a physical and psychological level. The art of kung-fu is like an ocean: participants can draw energy and revitalization from it.

Kung-fu Wushu is characterized by agility, control, expression, balance, strength and rhythm. It is a coordinated series of movements that unfold dynamically. A very complete course, it can be adapted for participants of all skill levels and is very efficient on both a physical and psychological level. It is also an art that will give you confidence in your own abilities. 

I have been practicing kung-fu for twenty years and have been teaching its principles and techniques for the past ten years. I teach kung-fu as a way of life, a health exercise and as a way to live in the present moment. Over the years, I have developed my own personal style and teaching method, drawing on the techniques of Hung-Gar and Wushu to maxmize the best of each. 

Practicing this martial art will increase your agility, strength, balance and self- control, in addition to being an excellent self-defense tool. It will also enhance your sense of personal well-being, bringing you harmony, satisfaction, confidence, happiness, wisdom, peace, and flexibility of both body and spirit. Each class ends with a 15-minute meditation session that allows you to integrate the skills you’ve acquired, centre yourself, and relax.