TAI CHI COURSES: Mediation is part of the course.


Tai chi improves not only dynamic balance and posture but also flexibility, endurance and muscle coordination. My approach to teaching tai chi: we begin each session with a warm-up sequence of light exercises. After the warm-up, I will guide the practice with care and attention, supervising your movements in a encouraging learning atmosphere. The last part of the class will see us practicing the sequence of complete choreographies. Tai chi is beautiful to watch and very low impact on the body; there is therefore no risk associated with its practice. The more one practices tai chi, the more one understands the benefits it provides. I will be offering tai chi sessions and will be available to answer your questions about this discipline. My method comprises the teaching of 24 basic tai chi movements that form the core of the discipline. To these movements I have added my own combinations of movements, drawn from various sources of inspiration that I have encountered in my many years of practice. The relaxation techniques that I will show you will inspire you in turn and help you feel centered and connected with yourself. Replenish your energy through the discovery of tai chi techniques you’ve never seen before. Relaxation and meditation are part of the classes, but you’ll also receive exercises you can practice at home to deepen your knowledge. During the classes, I will also explain the theory of the art of tai chi. My wish for you is that you enjoy the time you spend practicing tai chi and that you take home with you the sense of calm and inner harmony that you have learned in the class. I look forward to sharing my joy with you by teaching a program that I hope will bring you peace and serenity.